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Discover the universe of Scandinavian Apparel and get a view from the inside out. Let yourself inspire by our branding film telling our story of Danish design, quality and details in the metropolis, Copenhagen. Read about what we do to be a sustainable company, and explore what we can do to make your brand 'stand out' with our custom made service.

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Nimbus Nordic is a fashion brand from Copenhagen. We started out as an entrepreneurial idea, and for over twenty years we have built upon that idea. We have become known for our ability to adapt smart Scandinavian design to the modern corporate world.

In our lifestyle universe you will find stories from different partnerships, styling inspiration, product information and articles with the purpose to inspire and inform you about what Nimbus offers. We share stories about our hometown Copenhagen, collabs like Copenhagen Polo Club and interviews with our friends at Nimbus. 

We hope you'll be inspired.

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